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Highlights of Programs

The Edge in Standardized Testing, Inc. is among the best in developing your ability to understand, identify, simplify and answer any and all exam questions.


Success Stories

Max Lescano, Senior
Total score of 2230 & 200-point increase

“With football and school, I didn’t think I had enough time to improve my score. But, in only a few short days, they gave me everything I needed to be a better test-taker. I felt more prepared and confident than ever.”


Catalina Bermudez, Senior
200-point increase & perfect score in at least one section

“Their course was very effective. It was easy to stay focused because of the way they teach. You can tell they actually care and it’s obvious they know what they’re doing. They made a hard test seem very simple.”


Natalie Faust, Senior
Total score of 2280 & perfect score in at least one section

”My main problem was finishing the tests on time. So, they not only taught me great strategies but also how to use them quickly and execute them under pressure. I was able to increase my speed and my score.”


Cara Grandstaff, Senior
Total score of 2300, 180-point increase & perfect score in at least one section

“Their program was great. I tried other programs and never saw results. I think the main difference is how well they explain their strategies and how much they focus on minor details which lead to big improvements.”